We are a Canadian software company specializing in Windows Forms controls for the Microsoft® .NET platform. Please check out what we have to offer and if you have any questions, please ask.

Thank you for considering our software.

Toolbars and menus

A fully featured toolbar and menu control, built from scratch in fully managed code, designed to mimic the Windows Rebar common control. Using Rebar is an easy way to give your interface a professional edge.

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Rich tool tips

VisualTips offers fully customizable rich tooltips, inspired by the tooltips in Office 2007. VisualTips is compatible with all standard .NET controls and .NET custom controls. VisualTips makes your interface easier to understand.

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Enhanced auto-completion for .NET

It finds and displays information as you type. It suggests web sites you have visited. It looks for files and folders on your hard drive or network. It even makes suggestions from any data source‚Äďa database, collection object, or a simple array. Software acts smarter with AutoComplete.

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Improved visual style performance

The built-in support for Windows Themes in the .NET framework leaves something to be desired. VisualStyles fixes most theme-related bugs, enhances theme performance, and offers custom control developers a way to properly support Windows Themes under all versions of .NET.

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Application skinning

FreeStyle hooks into a Windows Forms applications at a low-level, skinning all standard .NET controls with virtually no coding required. It includes a set of professionally made skins, and a skin compiler so that you can create your own.

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